Parla Italiano: Lesson 2

Ciao!  This Tuesday we had our second lesson with “Professor” Gabriella at PPS Bridge Street where we learned how to ask questions in Italian.  Here are the words used to create a question in Italian:

  • Chi? (kee) (Who?)
  • Che? (keh) (What?)
  • Che cosa? (keh koh-zah) (What?) (This is the preferred use.)
  • Dove? (doh-veh) (Where?)
  • Quando? (koo-ahn-doh) (When?)
  • Perché? (pehr-keh) (Why?)
  • Come? (koh-meh) (How?)
  • Quanto? (koo-ahn-toh) (How much?)
  • Quale? (koo-ah-leh) (Which?)

Now that you know the basics, let’s put some questions together.

  • Chi è? (Who is it?)
  • Chi viene? (Who is coming?)
  • Che ore sono? (What time is it?)
  • Che giorno è oggi? (What day is it today?)
  • Che cosa stai facendo? (What are you doing)
  • Che cosa prendi? (What are you having (taking)?)
  • Dove sei? (Where are you?)
  • Dove vai? (Where are you going?)
  • Quando vieni? (When are you coming?)
  • Come stai? (How are you?)
  • Come è la pizza? (How is the pizza?)
  • Quanto costa? (How much is it?)


Missed the first “lessons”? Not to worry. If you’re looking to practice your Italian or to learn a new phrase or two, join us at our next Italian conversation night on Tuesday April 10.  To reserve your spot email Andrew.  Until next time here is a video lesson on greetings – ciao ciao!

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