Prima Strada Pronto!
It’s lunch time! Try Prima Strada Pronto!

We know your goal is to bring lunch from home every day.  It’s ours too!

We’ve read articles, bought books, double batched recipes and even picked out the perfect containers. (Who doesn’t want to eat their lunch from a really cool bowl or bento box?) Then reality sets in and not only have we run out of ideas but the usual items just aren’t cutting it and neither are the leftovers.

We realize this sounds crazy coming from us. You’re thinking, “You’re Prima Strada! You make pizza and gelato and so many other good things. You think about food all day long and some of you are actually schooled cooks!”  We know, we know.

The Support Team works upstairs from Prima Strada Production. No pizza here. Most mornings we determine our lunch options – generally we (Prima Strada Support Team) eat lunch at our desks. This makes pooling our resources fairly easy. Between us all we usually have veggies, fresh bread, cheese and assorted meats. It’s not pizza but it’s the next best.  You see where we’re going with this?

Prima Strada Pronto!  It’s fast, healthy and won’t cost much.

We’re starting with 4 simple items, prepared in 10 minutes or less…

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We Were Featured in WestJet Magazine! Thanks, WestJet!



Upon sifting through our news and emails this morning, we were so happy to discover that we were featured in this month’s Pizza Edition of WestJet Magazine!

It’s so great to know that WestJet’s Jill Foran loves our pizza pies as much as we do!

Thanks so much for the kind mention, WestJet!

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Pizzeria Prima Strada Has Officially Entered the Realm of Video! Read Below for the Link!


Well, it’s official! We’ve finally entered the realm of video and film!

In the past months, you may have noticed us taking advantage of Instagram’s video capability by releasing some creative and fun short clips of our restaurant on our channel.  (Don’t follow us on Instagram? Find us at instagram.com/primastrada).

What you should also know is that, behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work filming and producing PPS’ very first short film. Exciting indeed!

We’re thrilled to finally present to you “Pizzeria Prima Strada: The Adventure”.

The film, a seven minute video, documents the story of Pizzeria Prima Strada, as told by PPS co owners Cristen and Geoffrey Dallas.  You’ll also hear commentary from long-time employee and now Director of Operations, Andrew Johnson.

If you’ve ever wanted the inside scoop on our restaurant – how we came to be and how we view what we do, as well as behind the scenes footage of our process – you won’t want to miss this. This video’s got it all.

Find the full length cut of “The Adventure” on our new YouTube channel – Pizzeria Prima Strada.

You can also…

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Want the Behind-the-Scenes Story of PPS? Here’s Your Chance!


Recently, PPS owner Cristen was asked to speak with radio host Felicia Lee on her show, Jumping the Gap.

Jumping the Gap is part of the EWN Radio Network. It focuses on business leaders and their personal strategies to growth and success.On her show, Felicia has interviewed those behind Victoria’s Origin Bakery, as well as Penticton’s Laughing Stock Vineyards.

Ever wanted the behind the scenes story on Pizzeria Prima Strada? Want to know how your favourite neighbourhood pizzeria came to be, and how it might continue to grow to serve you better? Who better to hear it from than the PPS co-founder herself?!

Click the link below to hear Cristen DeCarolis Dallas’ candid conversation with radio talk show host, Felicia Lee.



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