Trentino – Alto Adige Long Table Recap

This month’s Long Table Dinner marks our first anniversary of celebrating Italy’s many regions.  Although we haven’t toasted every region in Italy yet, we certainly had a great time exploring (and tasting) Italy’s diverse cuisine.Thursday, March 29, 2012

To celebrate our Long Table anniversary we paid tribute to the Trentino – Alto Adige region.  Located in northern Italy, this region’s food culture is heavily influenced by both Venetian and German roots creating anything but “typical” Italian cuisine.

The dinner began with an Insalata Paesana, a country salad of Asiago cheese, cauliflower, potato, apple, radish & walnut.  It was paired with a nice, ripe Pinot Grigio by Abazzi di Novacella.  First course in our Trentino-Alto Adige Long Table Dinner

Next was the Canederli allo Speck e Brodo, speck & bread dumplings served in a parmesan broth.  In Trentino – Alto Adige “speck” is a staple – the juniper-flavoured ham is eaten at all times of the day.  Served with a glass Mezzacornoa Pinot Nero, the chewy tannins paired perfectly with the speck. Read More +

Lombardia Long Table Dinner Recap!

Last week, PPS Bridge Street hosted the second Long Table Dinner of 2012.  The region?  Lombardia – located in northern Italy the food culture has been heavily influenced by its proximity with Switzerland.  Rather than the typical Italian meal consisting of olive oils and pastas, dinners in Lombardia often include ample amounts of rice, polenta, and butter.

Lombardia Long Table Dinner

The Lombardia Long Table Dinner began with an Insalata di Bresaola e Rucola, a salad of locally cured beef and arugula.  It was paired with a glass of Pinot Nero Brut by Tenuta Scarpa Colombi, a crisp sparkling wine created using the same techniques found in the Champagne region of France.

Next was the Risotto alla Milanese, a bright saffron and bone marrow risotto served with a Pinot Noir by Ca’di Frara.

The Cotolette alla Milanese, veal cutlets breaded and fried, showcased the Swiss influence.  Crispy and tender, the dish paired perfectly with the Bonardo Piacere by Tenuta Bofenisio.

And finally, the Crema di Marscapone was a creamy yet light way to finish the meal.  Along with some shortbread biscuits and…

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Piedmont Long Table Dinner Recap!

It’s been too long!  After a month without a Long Table Dinner, we decided to start 2012 off with a bang.  January’s region was Piedmont, a unique part of Italy nestled in the north-west corner between France and Switzerland.  Surrounded by the Alps, Piedmont is one of the great wine regions of Italy.

The dinner started off perfectly with Bagna Cauda, a hot anchovy, butter, and garlic sauce served with mixed vegetables.  Who knew that dipping fresh vegetables in an anchovy sauce would taste so unbelievable?  And more importantly, who would have ever imagined that it would pair so well with a glass of Dolcetto d’Alba by Massolino.  The Italians know how to make wine work with every plate, including vegetables.

Next on the menu was the Risotto alla Zucca, a rich, creamy pumpkin risotto served with my favourite house wine, the Barbera d’Alba by Batasolio.  We paired it at the Long Table with the risotto, but it is a great sipper and pairs well with pizza too!  For those of you who have yet…

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January Long Table Tickets Now Available!

We want to make attending a Long Table Dinner hassle free. Beginning this month, all Long Table Dinner seats will be available for purchase from the new events page on the Prima Strada website.

No reservations needed, no wait lists. It’s a sure thing. It’s easy to give the dinner as a gift or even show up without your wallet. Your seat at the Long Table Dinner is pre-paid.

This month’s region is Piedmont.  One of the great wine regions of Italy, this dinner will feature glasses of Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba and Barbaresco.  And the food?  Bagna Cauda with roasted vegetables – a hot anchovy, garlic and butter sauce served over roasted vegetables, Risotto alla Zucca – pumpkin risotto, Bollito Misto – a stew of beef, chicken, pork sausage and vegetables served with salsa verde and Torta di Nocciole – hazelnut torte.

Dinner begins at 7pm. Seating is limited to 24 each evening. Due to the limited number of seats, reservations are no longer being accepted. To book your seat, visit our events page.

For additional information please…

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Tuscany Long Table Recap!

For the last Long Table Dinner of the year, we decided to go big! Tuscany is one of the most recognizable regions of Italy and is well known for its delicious food and luscious wines. This past Wednesday and Thursday we gathered to celebrate, Tuscan-style.

The meal began with a house made Crostino of chicken liver served on toasted bread. The velvety smooth chicken liver was paired with the aromatic white Vermentino by Poggio Morino.

The next course consisted of a hearty vegetable bread soup called Ribollita, which was a perfect companion for the stormy island weather beating at the garage doors. The soup was served with a traditional Tuscan style bread, which is made without using salt. While it is uncertain why the Tuscans did not use salt in their bread, many believe that it is because of a high salt tax. Either way, the end result is a wonderfully crisp crust with a dense, surprisingly sweet interior. This course was paired with a Prima Strada favourite, a classic Chianti by Castiglioni Frescobaldi.

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