Parla Italiano: Lesson 1

Buongiorno a tutti!  Last Tuesday was our first Italian Conversation Night at PPS Bridge Street – and it was a blast!  Thank you to everyone who attended our first lesson with “Professor” Gabriella.  Just in case you missed our first lesson I will be posting notes from each session to keep you up to date.

For our very first lesson Gabriella started with the basics – pronunciation.  Although Italian uses many of the same letters as English they pronounce them very differently.  Luckily Italian is a phonetic language, so if you master this step you can read every word like a pro.

This chart explains how to pronounce vowels in Italian.  Use the English pronunciation to feel the shape of your mouth when you say each letter.

Italian Vowels

English Pronunciation



ee as in meet



ay as in bait



eh as in bet



ah as in father



oo as in boot



oh as in boat



aw as in law

[Soft Break]Semi-Vowels


quando, uomo

wuh as in won


piano, ieri, piove

yuh as in ye

Next, we will work on common…

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Parla Italiano?

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language?  Us too!  At Pizzeria Prima Strada we are embracing Italian culture by learning to speak Italian.  Join “Professor” Gabriella at PPS University for dinner and conversation.

Italian speaking nights at Pizzeria Prima StradaWe will be meeting at Prima Strada Bridge Street twice a month on Tuesdays at 7pm beginning next week.  The confirmed dates are March 13 & 27, April 10 & 24.

As everyone knows, speaking a language is not just about learning the words – it’s about learning the culture.  So, just like a true Italian gathering all students will enjoy dinner served family style – salad, a small plate of something delicious from Chef Alex, pizza, and dessert. (Beverages not included).

We’ll begin with introductions and pronunciation.  Each month will have a new theme such as food & drink, ordering at a restaurant, socializing at a party, nature, at the beach, and animals.  Future topics will be determined by student feedback.

The cost is $18 for adults and $12 for kids (12 & under) plus tax & grat.  For additional information or to make a reservation…

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Italian New Year’s Eve Traditions

Join us at Bridge Street for a taste of a traditional Italian New Year’s Eve dish – Cotechino. Alex is making Cotechino (koteˈkino)- a spiced sausage. Cotechino dates to the early 16th century. Pork symbolizes the richness of life in the coming year!

As with many traditional foods, each region of Italy has slight variations – cotechino can be served with lentils, mashed potatoes, braised cabbage or polenta.

At PPS, we’re hooked on polenta. We’re serving our cotechino with polenta and a bit of red pepper caponata.

Our favorite Italian New Year’s Eve custom? Don’t forget to wear your red underwear while toasting with prosecco to ring in the New Year! They say it’ll bring you good luck.

Felice Anno Nuovo!

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Science & Pizza

We knew this in our hearts already – pizza is good for you! Italian researchers recently found eating 2 slices of cheese pizza at least once a week reduces your risk of cancer! Really! Tomato sauce is packed with the antioxidant lycopene. Of course, the cheese is needed too – lycopene is activated in your body when combined with fat.

I’m thinking of a Bambino with garlic, chilies and oregano for lunch! Mangia!

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