Announcing a Draught Beer Expansion at our Bridge Street Location!


Haven’t heard? We’ve added seven new taps to pour more tasty beers at our Bridge Street location!

Yes – you read that correctly! There’s more beer at PPS Bridge!

Be sure to stop by at your earliest convenience for a tasting flight and find yourself a new favourite.

We’ll be rotating our taps on a semi-regular basis as we feature great beers from Victoria’s growing breweries.

We know you’ll love our new feature brews as much as we do.

See you soon!

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Big News For Beer Lovers at PPS…

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Great news for beer lovers!  We could not be more thrilled to announce we’re expanding our draught beer selection at PPS Bridge!

Victoria is a craft brew capital and with PPS Bridge located so close to 7 breweries (amazing), it seems only appropriate to expand our taps!

Soon we’ll feature craft beers from Van Isle, BC and some tasty selections from our beer-loving neighbours to the south.

We’ll be offering 10 taps pouring a variety of styles to compliment your favourite PPS food offerings. Pizza & Beer? Bravo!

We’ll rotate our taps (so many great beers, so little time) but will always feature our dear friends (and neighbours) at Driftwood and Hoyne.

Stay tuned to PPS social media – we can’t wait to announce the instalment of these taps  at PPS Bridge!  Most importantly, we can’t wait for you to try them! Our new selections are sure to satisfy!

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New VPN Sign at PPS Bridge Street #383

This past week, we added a new sign just above the front door at PPS Bridge. It’s our official VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) sign. Since June 2011, PPS has been the first and only certified VPN Pizzeria on Vancouver Island. Yes, it’s taken us some time to pull together such a little sign (PPS Cook Street’s is still in the works) but it’s been worth the wait. We couldn’t be more proud. Verace Pizza Napoletana

What makes a VPN Certified pizza?  Here are few of the criteria:

Wood-burning ovens – all pizzas must be cooked in a dome oven heated to approximately 800 degrees Fahrenheit using only wood. Ingredients – Must use Tipo 00 Flour (we use Molino Caputo’s milled in Naples, Italy), San Marzano Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh basil and high quality olive oil.  It must be fresh and of the highest quality available. Technique – Dough must be rolled and shaped by hand and must use the “Neapolitan Slap” technique to stretch the dough. It should take only 90 seconds to cook in the oven, leaving it with perfect leoparding (black spots throughout the bottom of the…

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Parla Italiano – Lesson 9

Ciao!  At our last Parla Italiano “Professore” Gabriella taught us about una tipica famiglia italiana (a typical Italian family).  La cultura italiana é conosciuta in tutto il mondo come una cultura basata sulla famiglia (Italian culture is known all over the world as a family-based culture).

Quali sono i componenti principali di una famiglia (what are the main components of a family)?

Moglie/Marito – Wife/Husband Mamma/Papá – Mother/Father Fratello/Sorella – Brother/Sister Figlio/Figlia – Son/Daughter Nonno/Nonna – Grandfather/Grandmother Nipote- Nephew/Niece Zio/Zia – Uncle/Aunt Cugino/Cugina – Male cousin/female cousin Ragazzo/Ragazza – Boyfriend/Girlfriend Fidanzato/Fidanzata – Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Fiancee (Which results in confusing Facebook relationship status updates)

Now that you know how to say each family member in Italian here are some domande relative alla famiglia (questions concerning family.)

Quante persone ci sono nelle tua famiglia? (How many people are in your family?) Nella mia famiglia ci sono 4 persone.  (In my family there are 4 people.) Quanti figli/fratelli/zii/cugini hai?  (How many children/siblings/aunts & uncles/cousins do you have?) Ho 3 figli/fratelli/zii/cugini. (I have 3 children/siblings/aunts & uncles/cousins.) Da dove viene la tua famiglia? (Where does your family come from?) La mia famiglia viene da Canada.  (My family…

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Parla Italiano – Lesson 8

Ciao!  At our last Parla Italiano “Professore” Gabriella taught us about un tipico pasto italiano (a typical Italian meal).  In Italy, food is a very important part of life.  Di che si parla oggi? (What will we talk about today?)  Che domande…di cibo! (It’s obvious…food!)

La cucina italiana è famosa in tutto il mondo. (Italian cuisine is famous all over the world).  Ma come si mangia il cibo italiano?   (But how should we eat Italian food?)

Typical hours for an Italian meal: 

Prima delle 10.00 am: COLAZIONE! 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm: PRANZO! 5.30 pm – 8.00 pm: APERITIVO! 7.30 pm – 10.00 pm: CENA!

I pasti principali sono il PRANZO e la CENA. In generale, il PRANZO è più sostanzioso della CENA.  (The main meals are LUNCH and DINNER. Generally, LUNCH is a bigger meal than DINNER.)  Unlike the typical North American breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, Italian colazione typically consists of a capuccino and a biscotti or cornetti (the Italian equivilant of a croissant).  The light breakfast keeps you hungry for Pranzo, a meal so important most shops close between 1-4pm.  After work, many Italians enjoy a drink & an apertivo – a small serving of nuts,…

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Posta Prima Strada!

Work With Us

At Pizzeria Prima Strada we are always on the lookout for outstanding people committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. More info?


We would like to acknowledge Pizzeria Prima Strada is grateful to operate in the beautiful traditional unceded Coast Salish territories of the Lekwungen, Esquimalt and Cowichan people.

Posta Prima Strada!