RGO = Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil
Cooking with Rosemary Garlic Oil

We usually keep a jar (or two, or three…) of our house-made Rosemary Garlic Oil (RGO) in the fridge at home. It makes life easy, and most importantly – more delicious!

Our house-made RGO is available by the jar at all of the pizzerias! Just stop by the Grab & Go case while you’re dining in or picking up your takeout order.

While there are infinite options with RGO, here are a few of our favourites we hope will inspire you: Dip or drizzle on your takeout pizza. Just like our chili oil. Substitute it for butter or oil for added deliciousness. Brush it onto toast or bruschetta. Drizzle it over grilled steak or roasted chicken or pork. Marinate vegetables in RGO, then sauté or oven roast.

In our latest video, we tackle RGO-marinated roast chicken and veg. It’s super simple, really delicious and always turns out great.

I used 2 chickens, 2 jars of RGO and marinated overnight. Over medium heat, skin side down, brown the pieces (6-8 minutes), pop in a 425 degree oven with lid on for 20 minutes, remove the lid and cook for another 10-20 minutes until chicken is cooked through.

Toss veggies in RGO, roast at 325 for 15-30…

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Prima Strada's House Made Pesto
Pesto Pasta!

We’re BIG fans of pesto. The most obvious use is in pasta (delicious!) but this super flavourful and versatile ingredient can show up almost anywhere. We like it on eggs, a panino, as a base or drizzled on top of pizza — you can’t go wrong.

Here’s how to make pasta with house made pesto, grilled chicken, parmigiano and pine nuts, paired with a Pinot Noir from @alderleavineyards. 🍷

Prima Strada pesto is made with basil and a bit of spinach which gives it an intense aroma and bright green colour. You can pick up a container from the Grab & Go cases in every pizzeria or order online. 🌱

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Aperol Spritz Kit
The Aperol Spritz Kit – you need one of these!

The Aperol Spritz – easy to make, delicious to drink and great any time of year!

We drink Aperol Spritz alllllll year long. Especially in winter, it feels like a bright spot of sunshine. 🥂☀️ With a little help from our friends at Campari and Averill Creek Vineyards, we’ve packaged up an Aperol Spritz kit to-go! Pick your kit up at your favourite Prima Strada pizzeria.

APEROL SPRITZ • 2 oz Aperol • 2 oz Averill Creek Frizzante • Splash of sparkling water • Orange slice

Cin Cin!

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Prima Strada at Home – Meal Hack #1 Sausage, Polenta & Spinach

We’re HUGE fans of meal “hacks.”

A hack, in our house, is a great meal in 30 minutes or less: made at home or with help. Our favourite meal hack is pizza, salad, gelato or tiramisu from Prima Strada. Another favourite? Sausage, polenta and spinach.

Here’s how to use 2 of Prima Strada’s favourite house made goods – sausage and polenta – to make dinner in 30 minutes (well, it was pretty close!). Add spinach and you’ve got all the food groups covered!

Buon Appetito.


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