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Free Espresso at Fort Street!

Free espresso at Fort Street! It’s true! Join us at the bar at Prima Strada Fort Street for a free espresso!*

Drink an espresso like an Italian! Appropriate anytime, an espresso is a small but strong shot of black coffee. Typically enjoyed al banco (at the bar) with friends and conversation.

While we can’t be part of your morning coffee ritual, we’re certainly here to help with an afternoon boost be it after a meal or between errands. Pop in to the bar at Fort Street where our team is happy to offer up a quick shot of espresso!

We took a few lumps at Fort Street in 2022 and couldn’t be happier celebrate 2023 than with a shot or 2! Our friends at Drumroaster have supplied the beans and we’re ready to greet you at the bar at Fort Street!

Our kids are counting down the days until they depart for Italy. As they review and finalize their trip details, we’ve been thinking about our own past adventures in Italy. We never drink as much espresso as we do in Italy! Feels like we walk only a few blocks before grabbing an espresso: before jumping on a train then on our way out of the station and into the city! Before and after a museum visit, with and without sugar, sitting in a grand cafe or a small bar with piping hot cups. The no caffeine past noon rule we live by at home is tossed away and we embrace espresso all day. We’re on holiday, so despite an amazing amount of caffe, we always sleep well. Soon our kids will jump on and off planes and trains, in and out of museums and cafes, no bout they’ll be fuelled by espresso! Here at home we’ll think of them as we pop into Fort Street for a quick espresso!

We’re open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

*This offer is exclusive to our Fort Street location! 1 espresso per person per day!

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