Prima Strada Pronto!

It’s lunch time! Try Prima Strada Pronto!

We know your goal is to bring lunch from home every day.  It’s ours too!

We’ve read articles, bought books, double batched recipes and even picked out the perfect containers. (Who doesn’t want to eat their lunch from a really cool bowl or bento box?) Then reality sets in and not only have we run out of ideas but the usual items just aren’t cutting it and neither are the leftovers.

We realize this sounds crazy coming from us. You’re thinking, “You’re Prima Strada! You make pizza and gelato and so many other good things. You think about food all day long and some of you are actually schooled cooks!”  We know, we know.

The Support Team works upstairs from Prima Strada Production. No pizza here. Most mornings we determine our lunch options – generally we (Prima Strada Support Team) eat lunch at our desks. This makes pooling our resources fairly easy. Between us all we usually have veggies, fresh bread, cheese and assorted meats. It’s not pizza but it’s the next best.  You see where we’re going with this?

Prima Strada Pronto!  It’s fast, healthy and won’t cost much.

We’re starting with 4 simple items, prepared in 10 minutes or less – all for $10 (plus tax).

$10 lunch in 10 minutes

Starting October 15, available only at Prima Strada Fort Street between 11:30am – 2:30pm Monday – Friday

  • Meatballs in a Cup $10
    Meatballs, shaved parmigiano, house bread served in a cup to-go
  • Veggie Sandwich $10
    Roasted veggies, ricotta, arugula, basil aioli
  • Meat Sandwich $10
    Cured meat, fior di latte, roasted peppers, arugula, basil aioli
  • The Big Salad $10
    House salad plus ricotta, roasted veggies



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3 responses to “It’s lunch time! Try Prima Strada Pronto!

  1. Please bring the big salad to Duncan! I used to always order the business salad but it is now off the menu!

    Love your pizzas as well..but I’m a big salad fan most of the time!

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