House Made Goods To Go

PPS house made goods now available to go! Order online for pick up from your favourite PPS location – it’s that easy.

We couldn’t think of a better way to start 2019 than to share a few of our delicious house made goods with you. The truth is we’ve been taking these tasty items home with us for years now. We figured why not share with our fans?

Granted, you don’t have to be a PPS Aficionado (although it helps…) to love our fennel sausage, pepperoni, olives and chilli oil. Traditionally served on or with our wood-fired pizza, all are made in house and they’re good. Really good.

Here’s how we’ve been serving them up at home:

  • Olives and Pepperoni for snacks and lunches – add olives, slices of pepperoni, few pieces of Parm and an apple – yum!
  • Sausage for breakfast, lunch and dinner too! Pan fry the links along with an egg for breakfast or brunch. For dinner add sliced yellow and red peppers, onions and garlic or crumble it and toss with pasta, Parm and a handful of arugula.

We’d love to know what you make -please let us know by sharing your comments!

Chili Oil – We’ve bottle it just for you! It’s delicious on more than just pizza, trust us.

Sausage – House made fennel sausage, lightly spiced. Endless possibilities of deliciousness. *GF

Pepperoni – A fan favourite. You know Pepperoni, slice it, eat it, share it or hide it so no one else can find it. It’s that good.

Mixed Olives – Marinated olives spiced with lemon peel, chili and star anise. It’s a medley of our favourite olives. Most requested crowd pleaser.

Bring a little PPS to your house – delicious tastes and sure to make you look like a star!

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2 responses to “House Made Goods To Go

    1. Yes Allan,
      Our house bread is available based on availability! We bake every morning and depending on how much we go through in the day, we often have it available for guests to purchase and take home.

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