dinner hero

Be a Dinner Hero

How to reheat your Prima Strada pizza to perfection.

Order your PPS take-out pizza ‘80% No-Cut’ and finish at home.

#1 Heat your oven to 500 degrees.
Call ahead and have someone start the oven so it’s ready by the time you get home! Getting your oven up to 500 degrees can sometimes take 30 minutes. Be patient. It’s tough, we know.

#2 Put your pizza in the oven.
Put the pizza right on the rack. No pizza stone or funny business needed.

# 3 Ready in 2-3 minutes.
If the cheese is bubbling, it’s ready!

# 4 Perfetto!
Pizza slicer or large knife will do.  Finish with olive oil. High Five yourself on cooking a well-balanced meal that will impress your people.


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