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PPS Celebrates 10 years of Pizza!

Two food lovers and a passion for pizza were inspired to open Pizzeria Prima Strada. Saturday August 4, 2018 marks the official day of the milestone anniversary. Can you believe it’s been 10 years?

A celebration always calls for bubbles! We’re thrilled to share the release of our vino della casa sparkling in partnership with Averill Creek Vineyard (affectionately referred to as PPS Frizzante) with our guests.

PPS Cook Street was designed with a warm, inviting dining room and an open kitchen.  Our guests experience a little taste of Italy while watching the pizzaioli in action. Ten years later, we’re as passionate and committed to quality as when we first opened. We’ve expanded our house made products from dough, sausage and meatballs to include pepperoni, gelato, sorbetto, cookies, cake, tesa, tiramisu & chili oil!

It’s friends, family and neighbours that help build and support local businesses. Grazie mille to our guests, fans and loyal pizza aficionados for dining with us (sometimes a few times a month, we know who you are…). We’re looking forward to another 10! Cin cin!

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