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Sweet Buzz at Prima Strada

Cowichan Honey + PPS = LOVE

For the month of October, we’ve partnered with the Cowichan Beekeepers and added honey to our menu!  All PPS locations will feature local Cowichan fireweed honey (harvested on the west coast of Vancouver Island) on our daily pizza specials including a Bee’s Knees cocktail and our seasonal cinnamon honey gelato.  In partnership with the Cowichan Beekeepers Club, we’ll be donating a portion of all honey pizza and gelato sales to the Cowichan Valley Beekeeping Club.

Cowichan Valley is home to an estimated 400 beekeepers, with approximately 75 belonging to the Cowichan Beekeepers Club. The club, founded in 1954, keeps members up to date on current trends and best practices to keep the valley’s bee colonies strong and healthy.

Our team at PPS, now with first hand bee extraction experience, have been getting creative with the use of honey. We’ve developed some incredible pairings that we know you, our fans will appreciate. We visited Mitchell Grant’s hives, Vice President of the Beekeepers Club, and are now even more in awe of our bee neighbours! Using a truly local ingredient – some hives are less than 10km away from our Cobble Hill pizzeria, it’s just fantastic!

Help us spread the buzz! #lovemyprimastada

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3 responses to “Sweet Buzz at Prima Strada

  1. Sadly there goes my weekly pizza purchase. As someone who is deathly allergic to honey and related bee pollen items, this really upsets me. Continued success nonetheless.

    1. Terence,

      Grazie for your comment. We still have our regular menu without honey for all of our weekly pizza lovers. We hope you’ll still dine with us – please do not hesitate to let our team know about your allergy when you order, we take pizza and allergies very seriously.

      Pizzeria Prima Strada

  2. I’ve been looking for honey that isn’t contaminated with neonicotinoids and managed to find Mitchell & Amy Grant’s fireweed honey. Having tried some of their honey, I can confirm that it is not only delicious and healthy but more importantly it’s not full of carcinogens. Nice to be able to support our local farmers.

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