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Pizzeria Prima Strada's new roast is delicious!

New Roast for PPS

We’ve changed the PPS roast – it’s lighter. It’s fruitier. It’s delicious!

Most mornings in the office, our favorite form of caffeine fuels us: Patrick and I have cappuccinos, Andrew has a shot of espresso and Allegra likes her Americano with a splash of milk. We’re all drinking the new PPS roast from Drumroaster

PPS has been buying its beans and equipment from Drumroaster and the Oglund family since our beginning. It’s a mutual appreciation – we love what they do and they love what we do.

Here’s the story about where our coffee beans come from. It’s a really good story and we got it from the source – Carsen Oglund:

Your coffee is from a farm called La Falda, which is located in the region of San Agustin, in the department of Huila, Colombia. San Agustin is an important indigenous area, located about 40km from the town of Pitalito, renowned for its high quality coffees.

Finca La Falda is owned by Fabio Hernandez. His farm is 4 hectares with a yearly output of about 3 tonnes. It’s split into 2 harvests – the main in June/July and the second in November/December. This new coffee for Prima Strada is the result of 2 days picking in early November 2015. This lot is 100% Caturra variety. We were amazed at the thickness of the body of the coffee, while retaining a viscous, juicy character.

The beans are picked during the day. The coffee is de-pulped late in the afternoon, allowing for a 12-14 hour fermentation, until the brix of the pulped coffee reduces from 25-27 brix, to 8-11 brix. Fabio washes the coffee 4 times and completes 1 soak for 4 hours to ensure an even moisture content. Then he lays the wet coffee onto a shaded patio to dry for a period of 12-14 days, until moisture is 11%. The dried coffee is stored in airtight sacks in a cool, dark room. Then the beans are shipped to Drumroaster in Cobble Hill, roasted and delivered to PPS!

Be sure to order your favorite espresso drink the next time you visit and let us know what you think.

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