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Looking For A Donation From PPS For Your Next Event? Here’s Some Helpful Info!

As a local independent business, PPS recognizes the importance of its surrounding community. (We know what you do for us, and it’s something we’ll never take for granted).

As such, we understand the need and importance of giving back to our community.

So, if you’re wondering whether we provide donations, the answer is “Yes, absolutely. And we thank you for thinking of us.”

Rather than stopping by in person, please send your donation requests electronically to donations@primastrada.com. (That way, there’s no wasted paper, and your requests go to the right person).

Please try to send us your requests with a minimum of 30 days notice, that way we have enough time to process your request.

If applicable, provide your registered charity number. Please also provide the date and nature of your event.


Note that a donation from Prima Strada is a $40 gift certificate to either of our locations.

Should we determine we’re able to accommodate your request, you’ll hear from us in due time.

Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines.

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2 responses to “Looking For A Donation From PPS For Your Next Event? Here’s Some Helpful Info!

  1. Hi I am Bonnie Balam BCNU steward for RJH hospital I am looking for a small donation to celebrate our nurses week celebration for our dedicated nurses at Jubilee hospital. Our event is May 8th at the hospital. Thanks for considering us

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As a neighbourhood restaurant, we understand the importance of giving back. For inquiries, visit this page

We would like to acknowledge Pizzeria Prima Strada is grateful to operate in the beautiful traditional unceded Coast Salish territories of the Lekwungen, Esquimalt and Cowichan people.

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