Prima Strada Celebrates Earth Day By Cleaning Up the Cook St. Village

On Wednesday, April 22nd, the world celebrated Earth Day 2015.

At Pizzeria Prima Strada, we’ve made the pledge to do all we can to respect the beautiful environment we’re so lucky to live in. (In February, for instance, we achieved carbon neutrality via our friends at Offsetters – something we’re extremely proud of).

Last week, we (alongside other local businesses and friends) celebrated Earth Day by participating in Victoria’s annual Earth Day Showdown.

Each business formed a team to collect garbage in various areas around the city. Yes, the Showdown was a competition – how much garbage could be collected in an hour? Afterwards, the teams met to debrief – how much and what garbage was collected?

Our PPS two-woman team consisted of owner Cristen, and marketing coordinator, Alicia! They cleaned up the Cook Street village and had an absolute blast while doing so!

Cristen gathered 1250 pieces of garbage and Alicia picked up 860 cigarette butts. All together, those participating in the showdown collected a whopping 62607 pieces of garbage around Victoria.

Here are a couple photos. Check them out: they’re all smiles!


She found a bottle cap that says "we've got it good" and we think that's so true!
She found a bottle cap that says “we’ve got it good” and we think that’s so true!

Our sincerest thanks to Vanessa at Harbour Air for overseeing the Earth Day Showdown, and to all the other businesses who participated with us!

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