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Here’s Your Recap of PPS’ Naples, Italy Tour 2014

Arrivi Napoli – A bit tired from an early morning flight from Palermo, Cristen and Geoffrey loaded into a cab with the luggage while Andrew, Vanessa and Jasper took to the streets! With a side stop at Pizzeria San Gennaro, they met up with Cristen and Geoffrey in the Piazza Bellini ready to explore!

Here are some photos from their first adventures in Napoli!





While waiting for the rest of the team to fly in, they indulged in – what else? – pizza.


Next, cue PPS team members Andrew, Alex, Livia, Patrick and some very lucky plus ones. Finally, they arrive safely!


Dinner at Pizzeria Sorbillo was the group’s first meal! Pizze Margherita, Ricotta, Speck & Funghi, Pesto e Pomodori…and the list goes on. The pies were perfectly soft and smoky; the mozza had great texture; and the tomatoes were bright and balanced. Wine or beer? Both – Peroni Red and Falanghina di Beneveneto per favore! Perfetto!

Day two: a visit to the Acunto oven factory– a family-owned business that’s been hand making Neapolitan ovens for four generations.


For lunch? Lombardi’s for pasta with seafood, pasta with melanzana, pizza, pesche di spade (swordfish) and mixed green salad with tuna. Don’t forget the wine: Aglianico (red) and Falanghina (white).

After lunch, they toured flour mill Molino Caputo to learn more about how fabulous Caputo flour really is!


Day three: an early start saw the team headed to the Avellino area for a wine tour and tasting at Mastroberardino.


photo 1

photo 2

Lunch was Valleverde for more delicious fare.  The team whole-heartedly agrees it was the best non-pizza meal of the trip!

photo 3

High on food, they headed for Ciao Tomatoes. Check it out!


Yes, it was another great day!

The following morning began with a quick stop at Attanasio for Sfogliatelle Calde. Another moment of absolute agreement – the best sfogliatelle ever! Mille grazie to Costantino from Ciao for sharing his new favorite spot.

With full bellies and warm hearts, they were off to Tenuta Vanullo for more touring and tasting. They made friends with the buffalo and tasted the fresh cheese, gelato, and yogurt. Wondering how they liked it? We’ll let this photo answer your question.


What better way to celebrate another successful team outing than “Happy Hour”? Here’s Andrew and Livia relaxing with cocktails in the Ravello square just before lunch at Villa Cimbrone.


From Ravello, the group headed to Amalfi where they took a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean. They couldn’t resist! Yes, it was raining, but that wasn’t going to stop any one from enjoying the day. They asked for a rainbow, and look what they got. Beautiful.


They ended the day with dinner at Pepe in Grani! Simply amazing pizzas!

The group gathered at a long table in Umberto’s for their final meal. VPN President Massimo Di Porzio hosted the group in his family’s restaurant – in 2016 they celebrate their 100th anniversary!

After a great meal, they strolled back to Piazza Bellini with a stop for gelato. They couldn’t resist.

And there you have it – the PPS Naples trip in sum! Cheers to the amazing memories in Italy! They’re excited to share what they learned. We can’t wait!


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