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The PPS Team is in Italy! Here’s What They’re Getting Up To So Far.

Follow Prima Strada on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then you’ve probably seen our recent posts -a group of PPS staff members have taken off on a trip to Italy. They’ll eat pizza, drink wine and beer, taste, savor, bond and take in all they can! But have no fear; they’re sure to bring all they learn back to PPS to share with you!

Here’s a recount of their experiences thus far.

The lead team is PPS owners Cristen and Geoffrey, along with Operations Manager Andrew and wife Vanessa (…don’t forget baby Jasper).


Some few days ago, the gang arrived in <a href="http://en avis pfizer viagra.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palermo”>Palermo, Sicily after a long and exhausting (but well worth it) day of travel.


Once arrived and settled, they wasted no time and headed off to a local spot recommended by PPS Prima Pizzaiola Tomoko Inoue: Santandrea Ristorante. The food was wonderful – pasta alla norma and vegetable stuffed ravioli, etc. (complete with a glass or two of delicious Planeta Syrah, of course).


Needless to say, their first evening was an obvious success.

The next morning, they forged their way to the market. They bought wine, tomatoes, garlic, cheese, pane, salumi and chocolate.




After a successful market shop, the group headed to Cusumano for a tour and tasting. Check it out. (It’s ok if you’re jealous right now, I know I am!)


And we can’t forget their dinner in Castellammare: pasta alla norma, pasta pesto sicilian, swordfish, vitello, grilled zucchini and eggplant, bruschetta and Cusumano Angimbe!


(Now my mouth is actually watering…).

On day 3 they headed to mercato Ballaro, because one market is never enough. They stuffed their purchases into their PPS Blue Bridge tote bags and headed home for a feast.



Safe to say they’ve made the most of their time there.

The weather is hot and humid, but they’re not complaining. On the contrary, they say it’s ideal conditions for late night strolls, gelato in hand.


At the advice of their Cusumano cabbie Nino, the group stopped at New Paradise for the “best gelato in town.” (Of note: Cristen could not have been happier her 2 scoops – fig and pistachio – of gelato, served in brioche no less). More was made of gelato from Signor di Carbognano – a daily stop and conveniently across the street from their digs. Sounds like heaven.


On their last night in Palermo, the group serendipitously stumbled upon the Palermo orchestra and choir performing outside– learning that it isn’t uncommon for the streets to close – no cars – making way for the orchestra and their audience to enjoy. Incredible.

All in all, they’ve enjoyed an amazing few days in Palermo and couldn’t be more grateful. Now it’s off to Naples where they’ll meet up with a few more PPS staff members who are flying in today to venture, learn and have some more fun!


Stay tuned for further updates.



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