PPS gelato: the true Italian way!

We’ve got gelato on the brain – it’s Springtime with warmer temperatures and longer days. How about a few new flavors? What about the way we serve it?

For us, gelato and sorbetto are pure pleasure. They’re delicious! Oh and yes, they’re also an important part of Italian food culture. Gelato is different than ice cream – the ingredients (milk, sugar and flavor) are blended together to produce a delicious treat. For sorbetto, substitute water for the milk and you have a delicious dairy-free dessert. Deceptively simple, the ingredients must be the best quality: the milk, chocolate, fruit, you get the idea. Reminds me of another deceptively simple Italian food: Neapolitan pizza.

PPS fans helped choose our up-and-coming feature gelato and sorbetto flavors – Salted Caramel and Blood Orange. (They’ll be in our cases May 1.)

What about how it’s served – like in Italy? We’re getting rid of the scoop and will soon be using paddles. Paddling the gelato means it will be stacked rather than scooped into your dish. It’ll look more rustic. Maybe it’ll remind you of your favorite Italian gelato shop.

photo 4 (1)

Mark your calendar for May 1st – in addition to the delicious feature flavors coming your way, we can’t wait to serve it up Italian style! We’re excited and hope you are too! Be sure to let us know what you think!

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