New Cocktails on the PPS Menu!

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PPS Cook St. Restaurant Manager Patrick Francis may be Irish, but his heart beats Italian. He’s reimagined 4 cocktails for our menu (rooted in true Italian tradition, of course!): the Picket Fence, the Negroni, the Negroni Sbagliato and the Bellini.

The Picket Fence is a refreshing mixture of Calvados, Amaro Montenegro and Maraschino liquor. Trust us, you don’t need to wait for a warm day to sip on this! Delizioso!

Our Negroni stays true to the bittersweet taste you’ll remember with a more modern presentation. Now it arrives ready to pour over eye-catching spherical ice cubes, finished with a slice of orange.


Next, it’s our pleasure to introduce the Negroni Sbagliato! The serendipitous Sbagliato came to fruition when the bartender at Milan’s Bar Basso grabbed a bottle of spumante (sparkling wine) rather than the drink’s last component: gin. The “mistake” was well received. It caught on and the cocktail later became the bar’s house special.

Best not to mess with a classic – the PPS Bellini sticks with tradition. Elegantly served in a champagne flute, our Bellini consists of Prosecco, a touch of Maraschino liquor and organic peach nectar.

Treat yourself to one of our new cocktails today! We know you’ll enjoy.

Cin cin!

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