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New VPN Sign at PPS Bridge Street #383

This past week, we added a new sign just above the front door at PPS Bridge. It’s our official VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) sign. Since June 2011, PPS has been the first and only certified VPN Pizzeria on Vancouver Island. Yes, it’s taken us some time to pull together such a little sign (PPS Cook Street’s is still in the works) but it’s been worth the wait. We couldn’t be more proud. Verace Pizza Napoletana

What makes a VPN Certified pizza?  Here are few of the criteria:

  • Wood-burning ovens – all pizzas must be cooked in a dome oven heated to approximately 800 degrees Fahrenheit using only wood.
  • Ingredients – Must use Tipo 00 Flour (we use Molino Caputo’s milled in Naples, Italy), San Marzano Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh basil and high quality olive oil.  It must be fresh and of the highest quality available.
  • Technique – Dough must be rolled and shaped by hand and must use the “Neapolitan Slap” technique to stretch the dough. It should take only 90 seconds to cook in the oven, leaving it with perfect leoparding (black spots throughout the bottom of the pizza).

With our passion for Neapolitan pizza, it’s no wonder we are proud to be VPN Certified.  Have a question or two about the VPN? Leave a comment and we’ll get right back to you – we love talking pizza!

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