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Employee Bio – Cristen DeCarolis Dallas

The DeCarolis family has a long standing love of food. They’ve owned bakeries, delis and even pizzerias. So really, co-owner Cristen DeCarolis Dallas has pizza in her veins.  Shortly after moving to Victoria with family, she and husband & partner Geoffrey Dallas decided to take a leap of faith and open a neighbourhood pizzeria.  Without a doubt the nicest person you’ve ever met, Cristen has her hands in every aspect of the business.

Cristen DeCarolis DallasMost of Cristen’s work is behind the scenes but you’re likely to see her when she jumps on the door to help out the team.  Next time you spot Cristen, feel free to say hello – she’s full of great stories & amazing advice!

Q. How long have you been with Prima Strada?
A.  Always

Q. Where can we usually find you – PPS Bridge or PPS Cook?
A. PPS Bridge

Q. Where is your hometown?
A. San Jose, California

Q. What’s your favorite restaurant/food item in your home town?
A. It’s a long list … but the first place I go early the very first morning I’m home is to Dick’s Bakery for cinnamon crumb donuts. If I’m South without Geoffrey, I’ll bring him back a pink bakery box full.  My grandmother’s biscotti & her pineapple coconut cookies, Las Cazuelas and Falafel Drive-In for The Special (large falafel w/hot sauce and a fresh banana shake). I’m getting teary eyed.

Q. What’s your favorite pizza?
A. Margherita with olives.

Q. What’s your ultimate comfort food?
A. Sourdough toast with butter & raspberry jam.

Q. Current favorite wine/beer or drink?
A. Hoyne’s Dark Matter

Q. What is the theme song to your life right now?
A. I drove with my mom, Zoë & Enzo to San Jose a few weeks ago – we listened to Dynamite by Taio Cruz many many times. We now all know the lyrics by heart.

Q. If you could go to one place for a week all expenses paid, where would you go?
A. Castello di Alvito, Italy with Geoffrey, Zoë & Enzo

Q. Best part of being with Prima Strada?
A. Dream manifestation is pretty powerful. I work with an amazing team and we are always focused on doing our very best – best pizza, best wine, beer, best service, best fun.


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