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Wine Time with Andrew – Vino Bianco

Ciao a tutti!  In the fourth installment of Wine Time Andrew will be discussing two white wines from our Southern Italian wine list – Falanghina by Vivi and Vermentino Costamolino by Argiolas.

Falanghina, Vivi, Campagna IGP:  Falanghina (“FA-lan-GHEE-nah”) is an ancient, delicious grape introduced to the Campania region by the Greeks.  It is related to Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino, both important wines of Campania.  When the PPS crew headed to Italy last year they visited I Vini dei Feudi di San Gregorio in Campania, which produces Vivi wines.  They were able to see (and taste) what makes this vineyard one of the most well known producers in Campania.

Falanghina wine is medium bodied with a pleasant floral aroma and exhibits flavours of almonds and ripe stone fruit.  This wine is perfect for someone who likes a balanced white wine that’s full of flavour.  If you typically drink Pinot Gris or un-oaked Chardonnay you should definitely give Falanghina a try.

Vermentino Costamolino, Argiolas, Sardegna DOC:  Vermintino is a late ripening, ocean breeze loving Sardegna super star.  This wine is hand picked and made using lightly pressed, first run juices only.  Argiolas ages the wine briefly on lees before bottling adding a richness without masking the delicate varietal character.  The ocean moderates the hot arid climate and the grapes get supercharged with sunlight, benefiting from the sea’s reflection.

Neither bone dry nor rich and cloying, this wine displays lovely tropical aromas while maintaining a feisty citrus backbone.  Not only does it pair beautifully with shellfish features and antipasti, it also is a compelling wine to drink on its own.  We suggest you try a sip of it while it’s very cold and watch the flavours develop as it warms up – simply beautiful.

Have questions about wine? Leave a comment and he’ll address it in our next installment of Wine Time.  Cin Cin!

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