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Parla Italiano – Lesson 6

Ciao!  Planning an Italian getaway this summer?  This lesson’s for you!  Today we’re going to learn about the Olimpiadi (Olympics).  First, the names of the sports –

Gli sport olimpici:

Tiro con l’arco (Archery)Ginnastica Artistica (Gymnastics),  Atletica (Athletics), Badminton (Badminton),  Baseball (Baseball)Boxe (Boxing),  Calcio (Soccer),  Canottaggio (Rowing),  Ciclismo (Cycling),  Equitazione (Equestrian) Golf (Golf), Judo (Judo), Lacrosse (Lacrosse), Nuoto (Swimming),  Nuoto Sincronizzato (Syncronized Swimming),  Pallacanestro (Basketball),  Pallamano (Handball),  Pallanuoto (Water polo),  Pallavolo (Volleyball),  Peso (Weightlifting),  Scherma (Fencing),  Tennis (Tennis), Tuffi (Diving),  & Vela (Sailing)

For those of you looking to flex your Italian skills and interact with the locals, practice these questions –

Che sport fai/pratichi?  (What sport do you do/practice?)
Qual è il tuo sport preferito?  (What is your favorite sport?)
Sai giocare a _____ ?  (Can you play _____ ?)

Although we know you’ll be cheering for Team Canada, here are a couple atleti italiani famosi (famous Italian athetes)  so you can root for Team Italia –

Nuoto: Alessia Filippi, Federica Pellegrini
Canottaggio: Luca Agamennoni, Simone Venier, Rossano Galtarossa, Simone Raineri
Boxe: Roberto Cammarelle, Clemente Russo, Vincenzo Picardi

Want to practice speaking before your Italian holiday or just missing the sound of the lyrical language? Join us for our final class of the school year June 19. We’ll break for the summer but don’t worry, ‘Professor’ Gabriella will be back in September for more.  For additional information or to make reservations email Andrew.  Until next time, here is a video with some important phrases in Italian.  Ciao ciao!

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