Parla Italiano: Lesson 3

Ciao a tutti!  This past Tuesday was our third lesson with ‘Professor’ Gabriella.  We were lucky enough to have five Italians from five different regions join us – each with their own unique dialect & sayings.

For our third lesson, Gabriella focused on gender & articles.  Like many Latin based languages, most words have a specified gender and require an article.  But beware – there are many exceptions.  The common endings are –

If you follow the common endings you can usually figure out whether the word is masculine or feminine.  Once you determine whether the word is maschile or femminile you can add an article.

In Italian, there are two kinds of articles –  derterminativi  & indeterminativi.  When you are speaking about a specific noun (ex: the pizza I’m eating tastes delicious) you use the determinativi.  If you are just speaking about a topic without reference (ex: a pizza would be good for dinner) you use the indeterminativi.  The articles are –

                            Determinativi                                Indeterminativi

  1. Lo (pl. Gli) is used before masculine nouns beginning with s + consonant or z.
  2. L’ (pl. Gli) is used before masculine nouns beginning with a vowel.
  3. L’ (pl. Le) is used before feminine nouns beginning with a vowel.

If this seems confusing to you – rest assured you’re not alone.  Articles are one of the trickiest parts of learning Italian.  The good news?  We’ll be meeting again on Tuesday April 24 where you’ll get a chance to practice (in between bites and sips, of course).  To reserve your spot email Andrew.  Until next time here is a video lesson on how to ask “What is your name?” – ciao ciao!

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