Prima Profile #2: Tomoko Inoue

Tomoko Inoue is passionate about Southern Italian food, but mostly about pizza. Tomoko has travelled the world, eating pizza. Yep, a woman to be admired and respected! While studying English in Canada, she discovered our call for talent on craigslist. She sent us a note and a You Tube link! We knew who she was immediately when she arrived at Cook Street! Sunday, August 4, a memorable date indeed. After making a few calls, completing a few forms, she officially came to work with PPS!

Q. How long have you been with Prima Strada?
A. About 2 years

Q. Where is your hometown?
A. Kanagawa (near Tokyo), Japan

Q. What’s your favorite restaurant/food item in your home town?
A. Fresh soba (buckwheat noodle) at Nagoya & Aburi toro at Tama sushi

Q. What is your favorite pie?
A. I want to say my favorite is the perfect crust, not about toppings on Neapolitan pizza! When the cornicione is beautiful with lots of air bubbles charred, I feel so happy.

Q. What’s your ultimate comfort food?
A. My mom’s tempura or a cinnamon bagel

Q. Current favorite wine/beer or drink?
A. I ostensibly quit drinking 18months ago… but the beautiful summer makes me enjoy patio sippers:> like rose wines (Averill Creek, Prospect winery etc..), homemade sangria, frozen plum sake..

Q. If you could go one place for a week all expenses paid, where would you go?
A. Bora-Bora Island, Tahiti. I would fly in the business class, of course. I’d like to stay in an overwater bungalow, just relax getting massage at spa everyday…

Q. Best part about being with Prima Strada?
A. Making Neapolitan pizza in Canada, this is a great part in my life. I was supposed to work only for a while, but am still being here:> Which is because people are very kind to me. And I can experience a lot of things as making dough, working for the mobile oven, using ingredients which I haven’t seen in Japan. Thanks team PPS!

photo – Tomoko at work at PPS Bridge Street, credit – Deddeda Stemler

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